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Alishina is a Goddess-send. He truly embodies both the Divine Masculine and the Feminine. He is the bridge women need to bring forward their power. I chose to work with him because of our alignment to serve the Divine Feminine. He has a way of staying present and receiving so I can express myself in the most authentic, raw, and true form of myself, unconditionally, and that is the most supportive, divinely held, and creative space I’ve ever been in. He knows how to get me to open to my truest self, without personal agenda, which is such an extraordinary experience and a gift in the “coaching” world. There’s nothing like the space he holds for the birthing of my voice and gifts.

On top of all of that, his design work is second-to-none. I call him “the spirit technological translator.” He has a way of taking a person’s passion and essence and turning it into literal color, symbols, and branding that tingles my whole body. He translates “Spirit” into technology, which is so important for the voice of The Divine Feminine. It’s a freaking pure magical gift that he has!
— Seven Crow, The Wise Women Collective

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When I contacted Alishina for support, I was struggling self-sabotage and an abundance mindset.  I was drawn to work with him because he just had this “glow” and radiance about him.  I soon discovered that it was my own Inner Goddess that was wanting to awaken.  Alishina helped me awaken her and give birth to her.  Now I’m creating so many new projects in my life.. AND don’t attract the same emotionally-unavailable men.  I have found a sacred source of power that is changing my whole life!
— Molly Ixchel, Baltimore, MD

Alishina is a gift to the Queer community! His energy is electric and I loved working with him to unlock my own sacred power. I liked that he was so open about his journey and that really helped me break down my own walls and reconnect to my true masculinity.

I feel more like man than ever before, and much more comfortable in my feminine as well. Alishina really helped me find the joy in this work and realize my authentic self. I highly recommend working with him!
— Peter D. - Potomac, MD

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My experience with Alishina has been mind and business changing.
I am a wife, business owner, and woman that needed a therapist, coaching sessions, emotional support, and marketing and tech-savvy person to help me brand myself properly to rise and shine. Alishina is all of that and more. He has helped me to tap into my inner divine being to feel, manifest, and receive the abundance and greatness that is coming my way.
If you are considering this, but still nor sure, know that investing in yourself is the greatest decision. On the business side, scared money doesn’t make money!
— Paola Rodriguez, Ohlson Photography

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Alishina has the ability to see clearly the innate power that is the divine feminine in ALL women, and helps to unlock the places inside that keep that power bound. He is also really funny, which helps navigate some of the tensions that can arise while transitioning through phases of repression and liberation.
— Joy R. Sacred Sexuality Coach

When I contacted Alishina, I was vague about my goals and direction and what I needed. He brought me right away into presence in the very first session with his strong masculine energy. He provided me with powerful but gentle guidance and tools, supporting the blossoming of my own inner direction. I look back on these past few months of coaching with deep gratitude for Alishina as my path is now clearly and beautifully unfolding.
— D.J. - Honolulu, HI

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Alishina helped me with some deep spiritual guidance that brought me healing and hope. Our work together felt transformational and very valuable. I really appreciated the practices he offered that I can continue to use (like visualizing and rituals). I really appreciated his courage to go deep and do it intuitively. The way you he works is inspiring. Much love, appreciation and gratitude!
— W.F. San Diego, CA

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— Alishina