In Service of Dark Divine Visionaries…

It’s pronounced...
and it’ Q’uechua for ‘Wholeness.’

Although I wasn't born with the name, “Alishina,” it is my legal name now, and one that represents my shamanic death and rebirth, and most importantly, the reclamation of my Divine Feminine & Masculine Power. Becoming Alishina was the first major ‘Soul-Branding’ project to launch me onto this path.  It is the name that invokes my dark soul power, and more than anything… the name that invokes me as my true divine identity, not my past conditioning and trauma.  It was important for me to celebrate the sacred transformation that required more than 9 years of my life – to shed my past like the serpent sheds her skin, and claim my illumined warrior within, and reclaim my joy and sacred power.

My path has been one of breaking free from “The Matrix” after a radical awakening of my own Fierce Inner Goddess and my Authentic Sexuality.  I've spent the past 10 years traveling the world learning from many masters in spirituality, business, sales, marketing, and personal transformation.

Becoming the REAL YOU is one of the most profound personal journeys you can ever take. The work begins within… to dismantle your own victim and poverty consciousness, old trauma and stories, and really learning how to RECEIVE the abundance The Dark Divine has waiting for you…

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The Divine Weaves My Path…


My professional career began in 2013 with a Fortune 500 Technology Sales organization. How did a computer science major end up in sales? One could say “market conditions,” but I now realize I was being divinely guided the entire way…

While I wasn’t super passionate about the content of my 11-year sales career, it allowed me the time and money freedom to pursue my heart’s calling… shamanism, mystical awakenings, and feminine spirituality. I became an initiate of the Peruvian Shamanic path of Healing and Energy Medicine from the Andes Mountains – the Q'uechua natives in 2011. I then studied for two years at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary to become a spiritual life coach, while also pursuing my certification as an “Awakening Coach” and trauma-informed leadership training in Human Potential and BioEnergetics, with the intentions of supporting others on their path of healing and reclaiming their soul-power.

I couldn’t possibly see it at the time, but my “Grand Awakening” in 2012 would be the catalyst for my life’s deepest purpose… to serve The Return of the Divine Feminine.

I launched my first coaching business in 2014, called “Foxy, Fiery & Free,” to empower women and help them live their passion, power and purpose. It was a wild ride filming many hours of high-def videos in yoga studios, dance studios, and pristine parks. The problem, however, was that neither I or my entrepreneurial support team had a clear marketing strategy…

So, what do you do when you need to grow? You invest in yourself and you business. That’s when I began a 4-year study with the industry’s leading coaching marketing mastermind learning a new model of sales based in integrity, vibration, and human psychology. I also learned the technical in’s-and-out’s of online marketing strategies, Facebook Advertising, and how to build an audience from scratch. Almost out of accident, I became really, really good at building brands and coaching others into their leadership capacity. What began as a piece-by-piece exploration would soon become an incredible gift I would share with the world, aligning my business leadership skills with the realm of spirituality to serve The Divine Feminine!!

Today, I bring over 16 years experience in sales, marketing, and branding design to serve my clients from a “New Paradigm” of Business… one that honors the Divine Feminine and Masculine, transforms energetic blockages to abundance, and provides freedom of total authenticity… while also looking pretty sexy at the same time!!

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Surrendering to The Divine Feminine has been my path of liberation, both personally and professionally. When we truly align with why we are here, our business becomes an extension of our soul’s mission.
— Alishina Jaguar Lightning

Alishina in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Pachatusan Mountain, 2015)

Alishina in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Pachatusan Mountain, 2015)