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Everything you’ve learned about marketing, branding, and sales is WRONG, and you know it deep inside.

There is a New Paradigm of Success Consciousness, and I’m here to activate it within you, and help you make Quantum Leaps in your business.

Enter the Dark with me and let’s Activate Your Inner Muse Genius!!
— Alishina Lightning, Muse Activatrix

It’s time to Unleash the Muse…

You have Serious Soul Medicine.
You have a fierce and powerful VOICE.
You are a natural-born Feminine VISIONARY.
You are the Living, Breathing Embodiment of Goddess.
And I am your Sacred Masculine Servant to Unlock it ALL…

Your “Divine Soul Medicine” is not meant to be “served” to the world like anyone else’s.

So why are you trying to learn and copy other strategies for business models that are rooted in the old patriarchal paradigm consciousness??


Your divine soul medicine is powerful. It is so powerful that when you are fully rooted and embodied in Her, she becomes a natural, magnetic VORTEX of attraction and flow.

Only YOUR soul medicine knows how it wants to be “served” to the world... knows “who” it is to be served to (that also brings you fulfillment, not headache), and knows the platforms and such where your VOICE will be heard.

Strategy is Secondary.

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If Strategy is Secondary... what is primary?

You, Your Visionary Brand Foundation, and Unwavering Clarity of the Transformational Journey you offer your clients. If you aren’t clear about where you are taking your heroine in their sacred journey... all strategy is meaningless until you get 100% clarity.

Your vibration defines Your Identity... because ‘Success’ is not only an Identity, it is your NATURAL state of being, when you align with your Divinity. You must Align with, and EMBODY Your Divine Feminine Magic, and with the Soul of Your Inner Muse... which is then expressed externally through a “brand.”

This is a process of emergence, much akin to birthing. And there is NO ONE more knowledgeable to the intimate process and experience of birthing than THE Feminine... ahem... YOU. And I am your sacred birth-keeper to unleash your Divine Feminine Brand-Power!
— Alishina Lightning, Founder

Ready for Quantum Leaps in Success, Self-Worth & Brand-Visibility?

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Announcing Unleashing the Muse™ for Visionary Goddesspreneurs

Ready to make quantum leaps in success?

Do you want to bring your magic to market and LIGHT shit up?
Do you want to embody your TRUE Feminine Super-Powers?
Do you long to express your most RAWthentic Voice?
Do you want to fully unleash your CAPACITY for Wealth?
Do you want to Manifest on Command like a GODdess?

Book Your Consultation Session Today to see if we’re a good fit to help you QUANTUM LEAP into your highest Goddesspreneur Identity!

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Bring Your Magic to Market…

Ignite Your Sacred Brand-Power.
Break through Fear of Visibility.
Embody Your Fiery Inner Goddess.
Express Your Most Authentic Voice.
Command Your Vortex of Client Abundance.
Enroll Premium Clients with Ease.
Make Quantum Leaps in Success.

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Why Work with Alishina?

My passion is all things GODDESS. After an 11-year professional sales career for a Fortune 500 Technology company, I had a radical awakening of my own Divine Feminine and my Authentic Sexuality. I left my marriage (to a women) and my career to "come out" and travel the world reclaiming my sacred power, learning from many masters in spirituality and business along the way.

Over the past 5 years I have built two successful online coaching businesses empowering women and gay men on their path to living their soul’s passion and purpose. I have also studied for the past four years with the industry's leading online marketing mastermind to learn how to scale online businesses… and you know what I learned??
They have it ALL WRONG.
There is a NEW paradigm of business emerging from the Dark Feminine.
And I want to activate these Dark SuperPowers within you…

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